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 Parliamentry Parties

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PostSubject: Parliamentry Parties   Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:30 am

Conservative = main right-of-center party. The Conservatives voter strength is in suburbs, rural farming areas, among middle-class professionals, the clergy, and business owners. The Conservatives dominate in farming/rural areas such as the great plains (Kansas, Nebaraska, The Dakotas) and in upper-middle class suburbs. In the South, there main base of support is concentrated in the middle-upper class suburbs of Atlanta, Shelby Alabama, Madison Mississippi, and the Charleston/Nashville suburbs. In the north east they dominate in rural and wealthy suburban areas. The Conservatives dominate with Protestant voters (with the exception of some Lutherans and Unitarians) but do not do well with Catholics and Jews. The party is big tent including Social-Conservatives, Neo-Conservatives, Economic Free Market Conservatives, Libertarians, Nationalist/Populist Right, and Centrists.

Labor = main left-of-center party. Labor is a big tent party including wide ranging factions from Centrists to Socialists, including a more moderate Soft Left faction and a more radical Hard Left one. The party does terrible with Protestants with a few exceptions, but dominates with Catholics, Jews, and Minorities (with the exception of Asians and some Hispanics). Labors vote is concentrated in cities, working-class rural areas, and a few liberal suburbs. They are strongest in the rust belt and north-east along with the pacific coast, however are shut out of the rocky mountain west and increasingly more of the south.

Liberal Democrats = left-leaning liberal party, they have many factions from libertarians to uber left-liberals. The LibDems base of support is among liberal protestants (usually mainline), liberal leaning libertarian voters in the west, liberal suburbs, and protest voters. They are strongest usually in parts of the west and north-east, but are shut out of the south and rust-belt generally.

USIP = break-off from the Conservatives, and has positined themseleves as the new party of the Right. They are a big tent ranging from Protectionists to Social Conservatives, to Libertarians with there main message being anti-Globalization and restricting immigration. USIP voters are usually former Conservatives, however they have gained some support for Labor. This can be seen in North eastern Mississippi, Parts of Northern Alabama, and in several former Labor strongholds in Florida (such as Dixie, Lafayette, and Gilchrist). USIPs voter strength is found in the South and parts of the West mainly.

Greens = left-wing third party with a environmental socialist platform. They have positioned themseleves as a left-wing alternative to Labor, and there voter base tends to be among middle-class liberals, professionals in government sectors, and many times liberal protestants who want to avoid the stigma of voting for Labor.

American National Party = far-right neo-nazi party, most of there support surprisingly comes from Labor areas with high racial tension and they have called themseleves the "Racist version of the Labor Party". Their platform is socially conservative, pro-segregation, pro-law and order, but also socialistic on economic policy (unlike the USIP which tends to be more libertarian in that area).

Respect = far-left batshit insane sjw party, is extremely anti-cop and communistic. their support, ironically like the anp would come from labor areas, such as urban minority ones.
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Parliamentry Parties
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