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 2012 General Election AT-500

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PostSubject: 2012 General Election AT-500   Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:23 pm

2007 Election

Bill Clinton (Labor-Arkansas) 35%
John McCain (Conservative-Arizona) 32%
Bill Bradley (Liberal Democrat-New Jersey) 23%
Other 10%

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PostSubject: Re: 2012 General Election AT-500   Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:31 pm

2012 General Election


Current incumbent prime Minister Bill Clinton was forced to resign over strong unpopularity over the war in Yeman (Opposed by many on the left-wing of his party) and scandals. In 2010, Vice-Prime Minister Al Gore of Tennessee took over. The current Labor government faces extreme unpopularity as the war in Yeman rages on, unpopularity over the advancement of the Soviets in eastern europe, and an increase in immigration.

The parties candidates...

Major candidates, full list will come later...


Al Gore = leader of the Labor and the incumbent prime minister. Gore has faced backlash from his parties left-wing over his new labor centrist policies (although Gore has been more to the left then Clinton) and his continued involvement in Yeman. Despite being weakened, Gore has most of the support from the Labor establishment. Gore is looking to wrap up the primaries quickly, and get to the general with as little damage done as possible.

Paul Wellstone = Leader of the parties Left-Wing, the senator seeks to pose as the left-wing threat to Gore. Wellsonte is considered a long shot, running on a anti-war platform.

Rollo Johnson = Black Preacher, and known for his controversy. Johnson (Jesse Jackson figure) has little chance of getting the nomination but hopes to gain enough delegates to influence the nominee.

Elliot Spitzer = NY Governor, one of the parties rising stars. Spitzer made the choice surprising many to challenge Gore, and get his name out there it seems.

Chris Dodd = Another MP to throw his hat in the ring, from Connecticut.

Joe Biden = The first major candidate to step up against Gore. Biden is in the parties middle, and is known for his off the cuff remarks.

Peter Griffin = Governor of Rhode Island, Griffin is to the left of the current Gore administration on economic issues and is skeptical of the NAEU. However, Griffin is Pro-Life and has made several controversial comments throughout his governorship.

Barbara Mikulski = Senator from Maryland. Very pro-NAEU.


Mitt Romney = Member of Parliament from Provo and former Utah Governor, Romney represents the parties center-right faction. Romney has taken a conservative position on abortion, but has backed away from re-instatsting the death penalty disagreeing with many on his parties right. His economic platform is similar to classic Conservative ideals of smaller government and less taxes, however he is campaigning on a platform of "The big society" and compassionate conservatism hoping to brodan the parties appeal. Romney will be strongest in the west and in the north-east, but faces serious difficult from the parties more conservative southern and mid-western wings.

Mike Huckabee = Huckabee was elected Governor of Arkansas in the Conservative uprising of 1999 in a traditionally labor state. Huckabee is a hard-core Social Conservative, taking a staunch Pro-Life position and calling for the re-instatment of the death penalty. On economic matters, his views tend to be more centrist. Huckabee believes he can appeal to traditional Labor voting groups such as Socially Conservative Catholics and African Americans.

Rick Santos = The recently elected member of parliament from Houston, Santos is young and ambitous and has taken the hard-line Conservative position on literally every issue. He is among the most NAEUA skeptic members of his parties (the north american european alliance, an alliance formed against communist russia) well supporting an extremely interventionist policy against the Soviets and "bombing them into oblivion".

Arlen Specter = Specter represents the centrist wing of his party, or "soft tories" and supports the NAEUA. Specters strength is greatest in the north-east, and not much else.

Ned Foxx = Leader of the parties Neo-Conservative faction, MP from NC.

Lindsey Graham = no explination needed.

Jeb Bush = Former Governor of Florida, Bush is a centrist on immigration and favors the NAEU. However is hawkish and Conservative domestically.

Others:Michelle Bachmann, Christine Todd Whittman, Herman CAIN, and George Pataki.

Liberal Democrats

Patty Murray = MP from Washington.

Eddy McFresh = MP from Northern Nevada, McFresh is considered the future of the party. McFresh comes from the centrist/libertarianish leaning of the party, in contrast then John Hickenlooper of Colorado.

John Hickenlooper = Leader of the parties Left-wing, became the third elected LibDem governor.

Mike Gravel = former Labor MP, switched to the LibDems due to the war. Is running on a leftist-libertarinish platform.

Other parties

USIP = The right-wing anti-NAEU party seems to be going with Ron Paul, one of there two elected MPs. Paul a right-wing libertarian drew a large online following last time, but only gained a small percentage of the overall vote (4-5%). Paul is challenged by Virgil Goode (former Torie congressmen) and Dick lamm (former Governor of Colorado, but has taken a anti-NAEU/anti-immigration stance). Many USIP leaders want a stronger candidate then Paul to draw the mantle, such as Jeff Sessions or Richard Shelby as Paul has a little cross appeal.

Greens = A battle between recently turned Green MP Rocky Anderson, Activist Jill Stein, and some other candidates (to be determined).

Respect = Far-Left soviet apologist fringe anti-semitic party, Cynthia McKiney anti-war far-left MP who was expelled from Labor will be the parties nominee. The party has little chance of making any gains.

ANP = Far-Right anti-semitic fringe racist party, Tom Metzger is the parties leader.

Other state parties such as the Hawaiian National party and Alaskan Independence look to make gains, same goes for the Texas National Party and several other regionalist ones.
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2012 General Election AT-500
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